Using play, Sarah joins your child in their world. She uses their language to help them to process and make sense of their emotions and the adult world in a developmentally appropriate way. This helps your child to be better able to navigate their feelings the next time a situation arises.

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Adolescence is a time of huge growth and increasing independence. It can also be a turbulent time of self-discovery and transforming relationships. In working with teens, Sarah focuses on building trust and identifying their goals. Together they examine what they would like to see change for themselves, their relationships, and their image in the world. From there, they build a road map to get them where they would like to go.


Sarah provides counselling, coaching and consultation for parents when they hit that inevitable “bump in the road” along their parenting journey. Depending on the individual context, she may work exclusively with parents or the adults in a child’s life, or she may work more with the child/youth and coach their parent(s) on how to be a support for the goals they are working on.

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give children is to show them that we accept them as they are and that we have faith in their ability to “do it themselves.”

Risë Van Fleet

Areas of Practice

Some of the common topics that families see me for include:

  • Anxiety, worries, and fears that are impacting the child’s functioning and/or family
  • Complexities related to Autism (ASD)
  • Career planning and exploration, and educational system navigation
  • Supporting family conflict resolution and dialogue
  • Adjustment to changes in family structure
  • Learning differences and developmental exceptionalities
  • LGBTQ2IA related issues
  • Parenting challenges through various ages and stages

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